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All-On-Four Implants

All-On-Four Implants Furniss Family DentistryDr. Furniss Instead of using a single dental implant for every missing tooth, we can now use four implants on top and/or four on the bottom to anchor full, implant-supported dentures. Your dentist can attach a denture at those spots.The cost of All-On-4® dental implants can vary depending on [...]


Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants Furniss Family DentistryDr. Furniss Mini dental implants can be a good option for patients looking to replace lost teeth without using conventional restorations. Some people prefer to avoid the invasive surgery required for conventional dental implants, while others do not have sufficient bone mass in their jaws to hold them [...]


VIP Amenities

VIP AMENITIES Furniss Family Dentistry Dr. Joshua K. Furniss, D.D.S Furniss Family Dentistry offers amenities and interesting extras to make each visit with us an enjoyable experience. Our goal is to provide high-quality dental care while putting you in the most comfortable setting possible. Our dental facility is modern, clean, and [...]


Inlays & Onlays

INLAYS & ONLAYS Furniss Family Dentistry Dr. Joshua K. Furniss, D.D.S Inlays and onlays are often referred to as partial crowns or three-quarter crowns. This type of restoration is best when the tooth still has some very strong enamel we want to preserve, but the decay is too large to be [...]


Dental Veneers

DENTAL VENEERS Furniss Family Dentistry Dr. Joshua K. Furniss, D.D.S Veneers are an excellent way to redesign and reshape your entire mouth. Veneers are a very thin ceramic shell that covers your existing tooth structure. By placing these new veneers on your teeth, we are able to fix cosmetic issues such [...]


Teeth Whitening

TEETH WHITENING Furniss Family Dentistry Dr. Joshua K. Furniss, D.D.S Keeping our teeth their whitest is a lot harder than it sounds. With all the coffee, wine, smoking and other foods that have the ability to stain our teeth on a daily basis, even proper maintenance sometimes leaves them looking a [...]


Bonding & White Fillings

BONDING & WHITE FILLINGS Furniss Family Dentistry Dr. Joshua K. Furniss, D.D.S Bonding is a popular method of cosmetic dentistry to enhance the aesthetics of your smile. Bonding is simply using tooth-colored filling material to correct cracks or gaps in teeth, as a filling after a cavity has been removed, or [...]



MOUTH GUARDS Furniss Family Dentistry Dr. Joshua K. Furniss, D.D.S Mouth guards are an essential piece of equipment in contact sports. They should be worn by athletes of all ages who participate in sports such as: Football Hockey Lacrosse Wrestling Basketball Baseball/Softball Soccer Any sport where contact is a possibility Wearing [...]



SEALANTS Furniss Family Dentistry Dr. Joshua K. Furniss, D.D.S Sealants are a great way to protect against tooth decay and cavities on your back teeth (molars). These are the teeth that are most vulnerable to cavities and decay because they are used in the chewing process, and are the most difficult [...]


Pediatric Dentistry

PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY Furniss Family Dentistry Dr. Joshua K. Furniss, D.D.S Here at Furniss Family Dentistry, we believe children's teeth are incredibly important. Dr. Furniss has 4 small children and many of our staff have kids as well. Primary teeth are not only important for proper nutrition but also to maintain space [...]