How Do I Keep My Kids Teeth Healthy?

smiling mom and son with healthy teeth


Do you have a pediatric dentist for your kids? At Furniss Family Dentistry in Gilmer, Texas, we see patients as young as six months old. We take your kids’ teeth health very seriously and you should too. Here are a few ways to help your kid’s teeth stay healthy.

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Tips for Healthy Teeth

When a child reaches the age of three or four and they are able to spit, this is the perfect time to introduce them to fluoride toothpaste. Having your child use fluoride before they can spit it out can be dangerous since fluoride isn’t meant to be swallowed. During this age, you should monitor them in case they do swallow the fluoride toothpaste.

To protect your children’s teeth from tooth decay and cavities, your dentist can also apply sealant to your children’s teeth. This sealant is applied in liquid form onto your child’s teeth and form a solid barrier to protect your kid’s teeth against plaque and other harmful bacteria.

Brushing Tips

One important thing you can do for your child is helping them protect their teeth by helping them brush their teeth. Children under the age of 10, should have parental help at this age. They should have your help in the mornings, but especially at night.

Flossing Tips

Most children don’t realize how essential flossing is to your overall teeth health. They end up skipping it, so it’s important that the parents oversee their flossing habits. Until your child reaches an age where they can do it themselves, it can detrimental to your kid’s health to see if they are flossing or not. You also might have to show them how to do it properly, otherwise, they might skip the back teeth areas.

Healthy Choices

Does your child have a personal oral hygiene routine? In order to keep your kid’s teeth healthy, they should have an oral hygiene routine to keep their teeth healthy while at home. If your kid doesn’t have a personal oral hygiene routine, we can help your kid by providing one for them to keep their teeth healthy and white.

To prevent your child from getting gingivitis, where their gums turn red, sore, or bleed easily, you should have them on a regular hygiene routine. You don’t want your child to get gingivitis, so watch over their oral hygiene routines until they reach 10 or 12 years old.

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