3 Ways to Keep Your Gums Healthy

One of the most predominant questions asked during dental visits is how does one keep their gums healthy? The answer is simple: flossing, regular dental cleanings, and brush twice a day. Sounds too easy, right? The truth is, keeping your gums healthy really is that easy. Let’s cover these three ways of keeping your gums healthy a bit more.  

Why are Gums Important?

Your gums perform a crucial role in the overall health of your mouth. Your gums also support your teeth and the bones that hold your teeth in place. They are the first defense for your teeth against harmful bacteria. If they are not cared for, they can also be the cause of bacteria and lead to issues likeRead More

How Gum Disease Treatment Can Save Your Smile

Everyone wants a perfect smile. While pearly white teeth may be the most noticeable characteristic, your gums play a vital role too. Periodontics, gum disease treatment, can not only save your smile, but also your teeth.

What is Gum Disease?

Your mouth is filled with millions of different bacteria and microbe cultures. Some are good, while others – not so much! Plenty of toothpaste advertisements talk about how important your tooth enamel is to protecting your smile. However, while the enamel protects the parts you can see, your gums actually prevent the parts you cannot. Read More