What You Should Know About a Root Canal Treatment

Endodontics is considered to be a dental specialty dealing with the nerves of the teeth. There are different types of endodontic procedures, and root canal therapy is probably the most well known type.  While people often fear a root canal treatment, your local Gilmer dentist wants you to know there is nothing to fear.

Do I Need a Root Canal?

There are several reasons that your dentist may recommend root canal therapy. If endodontics is recommended, the soft tissue within the root canal, known as the pulp, has likely become swollen or infected. The inflamed or infected pulp that is left untreated can cause pain, abscesses and even bone loss.

There are varieties of reasons that can cause this to occur; deep decay, faulty crowns, cracks or chips in the tooth, and repeated routine dental procedures can lead to pulp issues. Furthermore, injuries to the mouth or jaw can also lead to damages within the tooth. Just because you do not see a crack or chip, does not mean the pulp has not been injured.

Endodontics by your Gilmer Dentist

When your local Gilmer dentist, Dr. Furniss, recommends a root canal treatment, we want you to know exactly what to expect during your procedure. Dr. Furniss will often perform the root canal right here in Gilmer, however, in certain cases, you will be referred to a root canal specialist.

Your procedure starts with the use of local anesthetic. (This will numb the area surrounding the tooth that will be treated.) Once the area has been numbed, a dental drill is used to create a small opening, which will allow the dentist to reach the infected pulp. After the tissue has been removed, the void is filled in with a special filling material called gutta percha as well as a special dental sealant. Your Gilmer dentist recommends you have a crown fitted for any posterior tooth that undergoes a root canal treatment.

Occasionally, patients will experience mild soreness after your appointment. Over the counter medication will typically relieve you of any pain. However, your Gilmer dentist is able to prescribe medications as well.

Furniss Family Dentistry provides a host of services to the Gilmer area. If you would like to learn more about root canal treatments, endodontics, or any of our other services – contact us today.