What Age Should My Child See an Orthodontist?

Most parents do not always know precisely the right time their children should visit an orthodontist for their first evaluation. Here at Furniss Family Dentistry, we offer parents the right advice on the importance of early Orthodontics evaluation for your children. We also provide them with the correct information on when it is essential to visit a child orthodontist.


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Causes of Crooked Teeth

Most children suffer from crooked teeth, some start to show from as early as five years of age. In most cases, the crooked teeth may be as a result of hereditary factors. However, recent research has proven that there are causes of crooked teeth other than genetics.

Several other factors cause crooked teeth. There is the problem of mouth breathing which may lead to crooked teeth for many children. Children who love to thumb-suck and those that enjoy reverse swallowing may also develop this condition as a result of these activities.

Other conditions such as asthma and allergies may also lead to poor jaw development. Open mouth posture may also lead to such problems that cause crooked teeth among young children.

Importance of Early Orthodontic Evaluation

Early orthodontic evaluation is essential towards identifying this problem early and remedying it. Most child orthodontists recommend that children should visit an orthodontist by age seven. But we here at Furniss Family Dentistry we believe the visit should happen sooner for us to be able to identify the causes of crooked teeth and rectify them before it becomes severe.

For children that have already developed crooked teeth, do not worry, our professionals are able to offer orthodontic care to the child adequately. Early intervention will help your child develop better and straight teeth. It will also help prevent the future use of braces to help straighten the teeth.

When Should My Child See an Orthodontist?

The right age to see an orthodontist is usually at age five. This is because it is at this age that the child is exposed to several factors that may lead to them developing crooked teeth. Regular visits to your local orthodontist will help identify any crooked teeth development and effectively help the child develop straight teeth. Call us today for an evaluation!