Preparing for Wisdom Teeth Removal

We’ve all seen those cute YouTube clips of various patient reactions once they have their wisdom teeth removed. As most people who have gone through the process understand, it isn’t all “fun and games” but if you are prepared with enough knowledge on what to expect, it can ease any anxiety leading up to the surgery. At Furniss Family Dentistry we strive to offer a comprehensive consultation and quality care for wisdom teeth extractions.

Why Should I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom teeth are essentially the third set of molars that grow. They typically will show up between the ages of seventeen-twenty-five; and as low as age ten. Most people will develop them and depending on each person determines how many pokes through our mouth. Often, the development of wisdom teeth can create overcrowding in the mouth and therefore cause other teeth to shift, at times can affect sinus cavities and other unwanted pain such as headaches.

Since each person is different when it comes to their teeth and gums, each surgery will be catered to individualized needs. For instance, an extraction on one patient could be completed before they feel a wisdom tooth poke through their gums, whereas another set of those set of third molars could be visibly seen poking through before surgery. Studies tell us that most oral surgeons prefer to wait until the wisdom teeth are in the best formation to cause the least amount of pain after the oral surgery.


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Questions to Ask Before Surgery

Once you’ve concluded there is no getting around the fact that you must have the surgery, what comes next? First, asking the right questions will help sort out any lingering anxieties you might have about the procedure.

Prepping for Oral Surgery

In most cases, the oral surgeon will have the wisdom tooth extractions completed up to an hour and a half. It is imperative to have a designated driver with you at the appointment, as coming out of the surgery, each patient will experience a level of grogginess along with swollen mouth, lips and cheeks.

What to Expect After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Each patient is will experience various amounts of pain, so recovery time will differ, however, in typical cases, the recovery can last from two days up to a full week. By following certain recommendations from your Gilmer dentist, you can speed up the recovery process. Each day washing your mouth out with salt water will help to keep from forming any dry sockets as well as keep your mouth clean. Incorporating a good amount of rest will help with recovery as well. Trying to keep your blood pressure from elevating from keeping yourself calm can result in a smoother recovery. This can be done by distracting yourself with activities that take your mind away from your pain/discomfort such as watching television, reading, painting, etc.

Medications are often prescribed to more extreme extractions (such as having four wisdom teeth pulled at one time), in order to help ease the recovery time. In some cases, the pain can be managed with strictly over the counter options such as Advil. Your oral surgeon will work with you to decide the best course of action for medicating after surgery.

What Long-Term Benefits Will Result from Having Wisdom Teeth Pulled?

You’ve made it through several days of sticking to a soft food diet and managing through pain and discomfort, now what? Believe it or not, there are long-term benefits to having this procedure completed. First, this operation can help stop anymore unwanted shifting of teeth in your mouth due to overcrowding that the third set of molars create. Shifting of teeth can then result in the need for an Orthodontist to place braces on for several years. Extracting wisdom teeth can save thousands of dollars of unnecessary dentistry work.

Wisdom teeth can also create a host of issues for your gums, which can then lead to major gum issues such as periodontal disease.

For those who suffer from ongoing headaches, having these extractions completed can ease those pains as well.

Keeping up with your oral health such as having any extractions completed will help with your overall health surrounding the entire body.

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