Do You Need Dentures in Gilmer TX? What You Need to Know!

Dentures are a pretty common dental procedure. A significant portion of the population over 40 has some form of dentures. You’re probably wondering what dentures are and if you need dentures in Gilmer, TX. We have all the information you need about dentures below.

Why would I need dentures?

You may need dentures if you’ve had a significant injury from sports, a car accident, etc. Extensive damage to the mouth including the loss of multiple teeth may be cause for dentures. Dentures will get a person smile looking normal again after a serious mouth injury. If only a few teeth need to be replaced, the type of denture you need is known as a “Partial denture.”

Decay is another reason you may need dentures in Gilmer, TX. If you experience years of decay you may lose several or even all of your teeth. This could be due to dietary issues, bad oral hygiene, tobacco habits, and there is even a hereditary component. Once you’ve lost enough teeth you may need dentures to replace the teeth you’ve lost.

Another common reason is advanced gum disease. If your gum disease isn’t treated quickly and regularly you could start to lose teeth. Once you’ve lost enough teeth dentures may become the best choice to fixing your smile and getting you back to normal.

What are dentures?

Dentures are a removable framework that contains artificial teeth. The dentures go over your gums and have a flesh colored base so that people can’t tell that you’re wearing false teeth.

Partial dentures are kind of like a bridge and only replace some of your teeth. The difference between partial dentures and bridge is that you can take the dentures out.

For full dentures, all of your teeth need to be removed. If you get conventional full dentures you’ll need to wait some time for your mouth to heal before you receive the dentures. If you get immediate full dentures Dr. Furniss will fabricate the dentures before your teeth are removed. The dentures will be ready to go once your teeth are removed. You will need to have them adjusted as your mouth heals because the shape of your jaw changes during the healing process.

Ask your Dentist about Dentures

You need to care for your dentures mostly like you would real teeth. Brush them like real teeth to remove food particles and plaque, but do not use toothpaste – just brush under running tap water to clean off debris. At night you need to place them in room temperature water or denture solution.

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