Furniss Family Dentistry
Dr. Joshua K. Furniss, D.D.S

Wisdom teeth are essentially the third set of molars that grow. They typically will show up between the ages of seventeen-twenty-five; and as low as age ten. Most people will develop them and depending on each person determines how many pokes through our mouth. Often, the development of wisdom teeth can create overcrowding in the mouth and therefore cause other teeth to shift, at times can affect sinus cavities and other unwanted pain such as headaches.

Since each person is different when it comes to their teeth and gums, each surgery will be catered to individualized needs. For instance, an extraction on one patient could be completed before they feel a wisdom tooth poke through their gums, whereas another set of those set of third molars could be visibly seen poking through before surgery. Studies tell us that most oral surgeons prefer to wait until the wisdom teeth are in the best formation to cause the least amount of pain after the oral surgery.

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